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    Archie is a full services management consulting firm based in New York, NY



    We value transparency, integrity, and time to market




    Archie supports industry leaders and rising technology companies in North America, LATAM, and the Caribbean




    Our expertise in compliance-driven industries and Salesforce implementation delivers a unique approach to Digital Transformation


  • 2022 Featured Archie Partner

    Every corner of every business is now impacted by the critical need to access and intelligently utilize your data. Jitterbit’s flexible

    yet robust unified API integration platform allows us to provide our customers with a tool designed to meet your immediate and

    long-term integration needs.

    The Jitterbit unified API integration platform enables companies to rapidly connect SaaS, on-premises, cloud and legacy

    applications and instantly infuse intelligence into any business process.

    Archie is partnered with Jitterbit to offer a unique compliance-driven iPAAS solution to businesses in LATAM.

  • Our Clients

    Archie achieve solutions for our clients so that they need so they can stay focused on positive growth and impact.

    Sales Cloud Optimization, Integrations, and Data Cleansing

    JetBlue Airways Corporate Sales Division, US Latin America and Caribbean

    Archie's flagship airline client. Reconfiguration of Sales Cloud and various integrations with legacy airline BI and pricing interfaces, as well as internal marketing initiatives, this implementation spanned across JetBlue's international B2B Corporate Sales division.

    Siebel Migration & Service Cloud Implementation w/ CTI integration

    Johnson & Johnson, Lifescan, Latin American Division

    "Archie's passion for delivering reliable, sustained and optimal results makes it a key piece on deploying Salesforce in Latin America. During the time we worked together, Karyna and her team managed to align different stakeholders in different countries, time zones and languages as well as focusing her priorities on relevant issues and timings. CEO, Karyna do Monte displays a strong moral character what makes her the perfect consultant and partner."


    - Pablo Fabbri, Johnson & Johnson, Regional Patient Marketing Manager

    Sales & Service Cloud Optimization w CTI Integration

    Oscar Health Insurance, $892.5M Healthcare Information Technology & Insurance Company

    "I worked closely with Archie while doing sales analytics and process management in the first months of Oscar's operations. Karyna and her team were invaluable to Oscar in administrating our early Salesforce development: she led our migration from the Salesforce nonprofit edition to enterprise; built out 2-step authentication, profiles and roles for improved security management of our CRM; worked closely with our developers on understanding Apex classes during our implementation of Service Cloud and helped us maintain a healthy CRM ecosystem through thoughtful de-duping processes. Archie always worked incredibly hard to ensure they understood their client's needs and was a thoughtful partner in making our Salesforce implementation an effective tool as we grew our business."


    - Gabe Drapos, Oscar Health Insurance, Data Team

    Digital Transformation, Systems Integration

    Centrale Bank of Aruba, Instant Payments Integration

    "Archie has been a great partner in achieving our objective of implementing instant payments through the integration of various solutions including Sharepoint and Jitterbit. Karyna led her team at Archie over the past year with a thorough understanding of the business requirements and technical scope required to execute on time and within budget. This allowed for a solution that always took the end user perspective into consideration and therefore increased our chances of success. The solution has now gone live in production and we could not be happier with what we have in place. We could not have done it without the help of Karyna's technical leadership and her team."


    - Justin Jacobs, Manager IT Department at Centrale Bank van Aruba

    Digital Transformation, Advisory

    Banco de Credito del Peru, Trusted Advisor to CTO

    Trusted Advisor to the overall strategy to spearhead a Salesforce Financial Cloud implementation in Latin America.

    Banco de Crédito del Perú is the largest bank and the leading supplier of integrated financial services in Perú with approximately US$ 39 billion in total assets and a market share of 30.4% in total loans and 33.5% in total deposits.

    Sales Cloud Startup Implementation & Pipeline Optimization w/ Magento Integration

    Lofty, $6M E-commerce B2C Art Auctioning Platform

    "Archie began working with Lofty when we were implementing Salesforce, had little CRM knowledge, and were completely revising our sales process. The Archie team took ownership and worked tirelessly to help us implement our new process and was very agile as we iterated on and frequently changed our CRM needs. They also helped develop one of our team members into a salesforce admin and helped us transition CRM management to them. We are appreciative of their hard work and their willingness to put the company first."


    - Jessica Mizrachi, Lofty, Director of Product

    Trello Migration & Sales Cloud Startup Implementation w/ Data Cleansing

    Unpakt, $3M Online Marketplace Transportation Comparison Platform

    "Archie brought in a project manager with sales experience, a data migration specialist, and two dedicated Salesforce Administrators to clean our system of duplicate leads. They located ALL the potential leads nationwide and put them into Salesforce. This was a key component in taking Unpakt national in its first year out of the gate. Highly recommend them!"


    -Daniel Cooke, Unpakt, Head of Sales

    RelateIQ Migration & Sales Cloud Startup Implementation w/ Data Migration

    Artivest, $17M Fintech Early-Stage Venture, Impact Investing, Wealth Management

    Archie implemented a custom solution to reflect a variety of different types of user identities - mapping Artivest's business model of institutional and individual investors to the Salesforce Implementation.

    "Artivest is a one-of-a kind technology platform that simplifies investing in private funds for the financial advisor, the individual investor and the alternative investment manager. For the investor, Artivest connects a wider audience to world-class private equity and hedge funds. For funds, Artivest provides a cost-efficient technology solution to raise and manage more capital from a wider base."

    Sales Cloud Startup Implementation w/ Marketo Integration

    NewsWhip, $9.1M Global Media B2B Sales Engine

    NewsWhip was able to utilize Archie's expertise with Salesforce implementation for growing startup companies.  

    "NewsWhip tracks how billions of people engage with stories across all social networks. Our products give the most complete and unique insight into what stories audiences care about today, and what's proven to engage historically."

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