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Why Goats?

Archie is a Goat, and here's why

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More than a Cute Face

People often ask us if there deeper meaning behind Archie's cute goat logo. Well, the truth is there is a lot to it! Our branding as "The Salesforce Goat" has to do with the characteristics needed to successfully build and re-build Salesforce systems.

Here are the top 3 reasons why the goat is Archie's spirit animal.

1. Goats love a real challenge

Ever seen those awesome images of goats scaling vertical walls? Yup, goats are famous for their ability to scale up steep precipices and hold their balance where other animals can't. And they find it fun!

With any Salesforce implementation, there's always a need to scale up business. Mature companies need to show their shareholders profitability, and startups need to show investors they are on the track to becoming profitable.

Companies at any stage face pain points in their Salesforce that indicate challenges. Archie loves the challenge of fixing issues in Salesforce and helping our clients choose features and capabilities that streamline business processes.

Archie loves to help companies reach new heights. Goats know that the view from the top means success is achieved.

2. Goats find holes to escape

Curious and clever, goats constantly test enclosures and are quick to find holes and escape. This trait is relates the development and testing that needs to go into a strong Salesforce implementation.

If you hire people who don't possess a goat's ability to find vulnerabilities during development and testing, you'll wind up with inaccurate metrics and low user adoption. Read: lots of time and money wasted.

Archie knows how to constantly search for vulnerabilities and new terrain. We used a documented protocol to build and test features and make sure the process is smooth for users, which results in great reporting.

3. Goats butt heads for fun

Goats establish their complex social hierarchy by butting heads to see who is strongest. Archie's main goal for our clients is to work with them to forge a path of success that overcomes pain points in a business process. We go to task even if it means coming head to head with established ideas that just aren't working. Because companies that tackle challenges head-on are able to overcome stagnation and solve problems.

Archie's strong thought partnership helps our clients tackle tough business problems and get moving forward fast.

There you have it! A bit of insight into why Archie is The Salesforce Goat. We love building out awesome Salesforce systems and helping companies think stronger, climb higher, and succeed. Oh, and we think goats are awesome!

GIF credit: Epic Goat is Radical, by GMarcelrene Jul 21 2014.

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