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Let's Get on the Phones and Sell!

Integrating Telephony & Salesforce

To master the art of outbound selling, you need to believe in your product and pick up the phone. Calling prospective customers, getting past the gatekeeper and speaking to the decision maker about your product is the old-school formula for closing deals. And it still works today, especially because we can complement calling with email prospecting campaigns.

Everyone in sales has at least heard about the famous Alec Baldwin monologue in the film Glengarry Glen Ross. For those of you who haven't watched it, you're welcome:

Ask anyone in sales who is making their numbers and they'll tell you if you want to make more money, then pick up the phone and start dialing leads.

Cold calling has gotten such a bad wrap because it's hard to get rejected. Lots of the recent books about sales say that cold calling is dead and there's a better, more data-driven way to close business. And then they all tell you to get a team on the phones selling once they've got your attention. "Demo meeting" is just a new term for a sales call. "Prospecting leads" means cold calling. Even if you are splitting the two main components of a sales call, the opening being handled by SDRs and the close by Account Managers, you're still using inside phone selling to close new business. And you need to track how many calls it takes to sell in order to scale up your sales operations.

Archie has partnered with the best telephony solution on the Salesforce App Exchange, Velocify to deliver our clients a starter pack Salesforce implementation that includes a built-in dialer and key power dialing capabilities. Having a dialer integrated with Salesforce makes it easier to dial down a list of leads and keep track of your prospecting metrics. Here's a link to sign up for a free 15-minute diagnostic call, where we can go over your sales system needs.

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