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Syncing Your Emails to Salesforce

· Cirrus,Salesforce,CRM Systems

All of you rogue founders out there, listen up! Archie has big plans for early stage companies who are ready to use Salesforce but aren't ready for huge implementation costs.

Simple Systems are Better

You need is a simple way to track sync email and call activities and keep your data clean.

Archie now offers a Quickstart Implementation Pack that solves

3 core sales needs:

  • Outbound/Inbound Dialing
  • Email-to-Salesforce Integration
  • Duplicate-Free Data

The first stage of your CRM is all about tracking leads and active prospecting. You'll want to buy different leads sources and mass upload them into Salesforce without worrying about creating duplicates. Set some basic KPIs to track your early sales, and have metrics ready to report to your

We partnered with our favorite apps to design this one-of-a-kind quickstart and make it accessible. Check out this feature article where Joshua Loomis over at Cirrus Insight uses an awesome pirate motif to explain the rough seas all startups know, and how Archie's Vanilla can help.

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